Training & Educating about Syntropic Agroforestry

Orenda Foundation Curacao - Education

As syntropic agroforestry managers, it is our main job to propagate knowledge to others, who in turn will do the same, creating exponential ripple effects in the process.

Generally, the more knowledge and training can be spread, the more people will be tempted to create a food forest of their own.

Education is crucial for successful syntropic agroforestry

Without adequate training, the manager will most likely not succeed in guiding his/her plot towards syntropy. Pruning, for instance, is counter-intuitive to commercial farmers as well as home-practitioners alike: why would you cut down a healthy productive plant? The answer to this and other questions that arise are acquired through theory and practice, both of which are instructed by Orenda. 

There might be barriers to starting, both mental and physical. Through adequate education and training, we are confident that these barriers can be overcome.

Educating promotes a wider use of syntropic agroforestry

Skills and knowledge of syntropic agroforestry are easily transferable. The more active syntropic practitioners there are, the more substance there is for sharing information and learning from each other to avoid making mistakes already made before. 

We do this by means of manuals, written guidelines, different types of media, presentations and most importantly, educating directly at our food forests in Curaçao.

Reach out to us if you would like to schedule a training to learn more about syntropic agroforestry.

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