Research & Advisory

Image by Stephen van de Schootbrugge

Syntropic farms in Curaçao face unique challenges due to the semi-arid climate. The lessons we learn here can be applied to zones that face desertification around the world, making it an ideal test location for a warming climate. 

As the saying goes, you can only manage what you measure (Peter Drucker). We use several parameters to record data from different pilot projects. Furthermore, we employ biodiversity counts, meteorological data, stratification tables, and other measures.

Research and experimentation in Orenda Food Forest in Curacao
Experimenting with different techniques in our food forest in Curaçao

Working with Universities

Orenda seeks strategic partnerships with educational institutions, such as the University of Curaçao (UOC) and Wageningen University & Research (WUR). 

We also provide advice to commercial farmers that are willing to switch to syntropic agroforestry. 

Working with other communities to test their methods for syntropic agroforestry

Recently, we have launched a fundraiser to acquire a pallet of Groasis Growboxxes® to aid reforestation efforts by the larger greening community. Growboxxes® are miniature tree nurseries that harvest and distribute water in an efficient and water-saving way. We record and measure if using such special techniques can work well for syntropic agroforestry.

If you would like to contribute to our research, you can support our efforts financially or help us with research on location with your expertise and advice.

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