Food Forests

Orenda Foundation Curacao working with volunteers in a field

Food forests in Curaçao and around the world offer the opportunity for people to grow a large proportion of their daily nutrient and calorie intake locally, often in their backyard or on nearby farms. Orenda seeks to increase the awareness and establishment of food forests on the island of Curaçao and the wider region in order for local communities to become more resilient in a rapidly changing local and global environment.

Public and private food forests

We currently focus on creating public food forests, prioritizing poverty-stricken neighbourhoods, as well as private food forests at residential sites. Both are based on the premise of CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, in which volunteers from the local community are encouraged to participate in establishing food forests together, thereby building on each other’s strengths and essentially bringing people together for a common goal.

The participants are being educated and trained to fully grasp their impact on the food forest.

Orenda Foundation Curacao - planting trees
Volunteers helping to plant trees in a food forest

Using syntropic agroforestry

To establish the food forests, we refer to the method of syntropic agroforestry, which has a proven track record in Brazil, where its origins lie and is currently being popularized around the world.

This method has the propensity to create mature forests in just 10 years, whereas nature would take 100 years to achieve the same feat. This is being achieved due to human intervention: armed with the right knowledge and experience, ordinary people can drastically enhance the surrounding environment

Environmental impact of food forests in Curaçao

By doing so, these communities will work towards the UN SDGs, improve general well-being, improve communal health, capture CO2, cool the environment, capture water, among many other benefits. It’s an all-encompassing solution to mitigate climate change impacts.

However, as trees take time to grow, we have no time to lose as it takes years for these benefits to accumulate significant traction.

If you are interested, take a look on this page how you can join us and help on location or support us financially.

Food Forest Curacao - working in a field
Working in a Food Forest
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