About Orenda Foundation

ORENDA: (noun, Iroquois/Native American) A mystical force present in all people that gives us the strength to affect change in ourselves and in the world.

Hello, we are Orenda

Orenda is a non-profit organization with a mission to support, develop and enhance the re-greening effort on Curaçao and other islands in the Caribbean. We pursue values such as full transparency and equality.

Orenda is all of us. It’s not just the four guys on the board committee, Orenda is each and everyone who works with us for the same goals and shares our vision of a greener and happier Curaçao.

We want to contribute in a positive and proactive way to the challenges we, as humanity, now face in the 21st century. We follow a syntropic agroforestry approach, accumulating solar energy into a myriad of smaller living niches that contribute to a stronger, climate-proof and resilient whole. We do this in our edible forests.

Focusing on improving life for the entire society, our non-profit invites the government, the private sector, educational facilities and individuals alike in our green spaces. There we teach how our societies, too, can thrive in nature’s ways.

The ways of sharing and caring, of diversity and density, biomass and niches, creativity and growth, of participation and learning. A new society arises on the ashes of the old and shows us that the future is regenerative, inclusive and distributive. 

If you share our vision, you can support us or join our work directly in the fields.

Orenda Foundation Team Board Members
Board members from left to right: Egbert, Giacomo, Benjamin, Arjun

What we do

The foundation’s vision is developing, initiating and stimulating activities with an increased degree of syntropic circularity, in two areas:

On the organic level – by stimulating syntropic agroforestry through knowledge, expertise, subsidies and donations for private individuals, neighbourhoods, farmers and companies; as well as by upgrading vegetable, fruit and garden waste as input for the food forests. 

On the technological level – the foundation does this by upgrading various waste and raw materials and making them accessible through a circular, syntropic system.

Orenda Foundation Board

The Orenda board consists of:

Benjamin Visser
Arjun Montanari
Giacomo Booi
Egbert Vos
board member

Contact us if you have any questions or requests about our work.

Orenda Foundation Curacao - plants
Orenda Foundation Curacao - planting trees
Orenda Foundation Curacao - working in a field