Welcome to
Orenda Foundation Curacao

Orenda Foundation is the vision of a greener, cleaner and happier Curaçao and Caribbean.

ORENDA: (noun, Iroquois/Native American) A mystical force present in all people that gives us the strength to affect change in ourselves and in the world.

Planting Life

Orenda’s purpose is to support, develop and enhance the re-greening effort on our Caribbean islands through functional ecosystem development.

If we pay close attention to nature and abide by her laws, then we live in syntropy. We do this on farms, in gardens, in a city’s greenery and plots. The core balance between ‘People, Planet and Profit’ is always in harmony, redistributing the abundance amongst all participants and their friends and family. 

We aim to make the island of Curaçao and its Caribbean environment functionally greener and more sustainable in order to accelerate the transition to low-carbon communities.

Ongoing Projects

Supporting Partners

We cannot achieve our mission alone. We are supported by great volunteers, individuals and companies. Cooperation is the underlying power for success.

People are the force that enacts change

Together we can achieve more. Together, we can make Curaçao and the Caribbean a better and happier place for everyone.